Amazing Escape: Mouse Maze App Reviews

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Spy mouse needs to be brought back


very fun

lots of fun. i have beaten all levels, i enjoy


This game is awful!!!!! It’s graphics are horrible and the fun is gone!!!!! The cool music isn’t there anymore and the mouse doesn’t have his cool hat anymore!!!! PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK TO THE OLD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could I would rate it 0 stars!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😕😕😕

Don’t get this game.

You want me to rate your game five stars to unlock characters, and you shoot me to the App Store to review before I have even played the game?!?!?!?! What a joke. The only reason I haven’t deleted this BS game, was to write this review first.

2 stars

There are too much ads and bad controls but otherwise it is fun


My son loves this game!!!

Spy mouse

We love this game it is very entertaining

5 Stars

Really fun game

Love the game

I love this app it is better than reading my books

Why did you change the game?

This game used to be so fun.

not good not bad

just I rated 4 the characters

Love this app

I love this app it is great for my kids who are 9 and 11 it helps them a lot and more during summer in the car rides

Bring back spy mouse

The mouse is hard to move. Mostly it just sits there getting attacked by cats. Would rate this zero!


Why why why would you force to rate you first. Not a good first impression at all.


I’m only giving 5 stars so they will let me get the characters at the beginning of the game it’s stupid why can’t you just watch an add or something 😒🙅🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Love game

Love this game because u don’t have to buy stuff with money but way to much adds!

Bring back the old Spy Mouse

This game is awful and does not work right! The old spy mouse was more fun and had more control 😡

Great for kids

And adults

I wanted the pepole also I know a hack

Fun I wanted the pepole the hack is go near a dorr let a cat get you go near the door then your like a ghost works in any game this company with games like these.


You have the best game ever

So fun

So fun

Really fun!

I like it u get to to do a lot of fun stuff and is a lot like spy mouse I think you should download it

I love this game so much

I like it because I like spy mouse and it's really fun I want you to get it get it it's so good

Good rip off

Its decent

1 star

The update looks nice, but..I don’t like the new version at ALL. I grew up playing SPY MOUSE. not this new crap!!!! Ugh!! Please bring back spy mouse there are too many complaints to even type about this update. SPY MOUSe SPY MOUSE SPY MOUSE SPY MOUSE!!!!!! 😔pleaseeee bring back the old one 😭😭😭

Keeps my kids busy

My kids have to focus and be strategic in this game.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the game back to the older version that version was the BESTTTT so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change it back I love the older version!!!😭😭😭

Why change Spy Mouse?

Bring back spy mouse. The new controls are annoying as hell.

Great game

Great game very very fun

Great game

I just don't like the apps even when I paid to get rid of them I was still seeing them.


Just decent.

Five stars more like zero stars

I only rated it five stars so I could unlock characters

Too Much Like Pac-Man

Wanted something more like Spy Mouse because of the strategy element involved in that game. This is basically Pac-Man, just not as fun.

Fun but not much to it

This game is good and all, but I got bored very quickly. Sometimes I play it, just to do something, however, the levels are not fun at all

Great game but ....

Having fun and all , but too many adds!!!!


I hate it and wish it was like the one at Olive Garden

Not Good At Allllll!

SPY MOUSE PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This game is so hard and not fun!

Forces review to get characters

Come on guys!!! If I rated this app at first, I would have rated it as a 5 star app, until I got the pop-up. It said: "Rate this app 5 stars to unlock all characters." I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FORCE PEOPLE TO LEAVE FAKE REVIEWS TO MAKE YOUR APP LOOK GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT think that I would fall for that trick!!!!!!!!! I am rating this app 1 star only because of this pop-up.


The original spy mouse was SO MUCH FUNNER and way better then this knock of version. I am pretty sure other people can agree with me that we need the old spy mouse back.

This is a great game.

I love this game. This was my favorite game as a child.

What the hell is this

Why a generic spy mouse.


Awful joke of a game. Prior version Spymouse was great, but Apple and app developers more interested in pay to play pay as you go games. All about revenue. We paid money for apps that are no longer supported. Another class action coming

Where’s spy mouse??

I hate this game I want the original spy mouse please bring it back.

Giving 5stars fives rewards

Giving five stars gives you a reward. C'mon Man!


Fun Game!

I want all characters

I'm only doing this for all characters!

Would give zero

1 star for effort. The older version was better. Controls don’t always work causes you to get attacked by cats. The mouse can no longer stop until you have to turn.

Funny as hell

Very entertaining

Hard to swipe

Not responsive. Paid for the no ads to quickly. Disappointed

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