Amazing Escape: Mouse Maze App Reviews

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I want all characters

I'm only doing this for all characters!

Would give zero

1 star for effort. The older version was better. Controls don’t always work causes you to get attacked by cats. The mouse can no longer stop until you have to turn.

Funny as hell

Very entertaining

Hard to swipe

Not responsive. Paid for the no ads to quickly. Disappointed

Gets worse the more you play

The old spy mouse was much better. This version is awful. It lags and there is an add every second.


this game is really fun and addicting I highly recommend it!😁


So fun

I think that it's great but...

I absolutely love this game but there are a lot if ads that pop up on my phone. Also it doesn't even let me into the game sometimes. Please fix this issue! :/

Not as good as original

Like the original. Swiping doesn’t work well at all. Graphics are not as good either.

So addictive

I could not stop playing it


My kids love it

Great game

This is a great game


Me and my brother like it


I love this app it is amazing I suggest you download it


This game is so cheezey i love it but it is also hard

Just for characters

I'm only rating this for the characters. I don't rate my games AT ALL!!! This game definitely not as good as Spy Mouse and it has awful graphics. My real opinion would be 0 stars.

Please bring back spy mouse

Why did you change the game, spy mouse was way better please bring back spy mouse before the update the game was called spy mouse and spy mouse was awesome and now it is the amazing escape and it is not fun at all I would have given the game spy mouse 4 or 5 stars and this game gets 1 star please bring back spy mouse.


I like the game



Good but eh

I miss the old game it was so much better and this one is slower but I enjoy the graphics with the cute mouse.

Great game

My child and me play a lot

Mouse maze

My kids love the version that Chilis has. This is very similar.


Cool game


I still miss the old one but this is just as fun, challenging, and in some ways better example you can now kill the cat a

The huge update is a total fail!!

I loved the other game spy mouse I'm so disappointed that they changed it this new game is soo bad it's the worst game I have ever played:(


Just cool

“Please rate 5 stars to unlock all characters”???

I downloaded this game just to rate it one star when I heard about this. Disgusting scam of a developer!

Love this game

So much fun...

Worth Less than Zero Stars!

I played it for 2 minutes and deleted it. Does not work well at all!

Both us for fun

Challenges my little one. We both can enjoy this game.


Love it


Good game

00000 stars

They changed it. I spent hours and they killed spy mouse. Bring back spy mouse!


What the flip!!! When I want to play as the girl mouse it says "Rate Five Stars To Unlock ALL The People" so, here I am! Rating five stars for NO reason!! 😡😡😡


Yay a it very good

Very entertaining

My daughter loves this game.


My kids love this game!!


I'm in love with this game. It's my favorite!!! Download iiittttt!!!!!


Only because I can unlock🔓all characters

Not really 5 stars but I wanted all the characters

It made me do it...

Hi I dont like it



My 6 year old digs this game!

Hate it


unlocking all characters

i'm really only writing a review to unlock all the characters


Great Kids game. My Son just Adores it.



I just want to unlock all of the mouse people.

Read the title people!

Exceptional game

Fun fun fun

Looks fun!

Haven't played yet, just rating in order to unlock all the characters. 😄🌋😄🌋😄🌋😄🌋😄

Best game ever

So much fun

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